41 Paws

Dear Leo, This morning we visited the place, “that shall not be named…” paws for dramatic effect, I will whisper it, “the vet.” DOH! It was a fun car ride to that place. You seemed to love having me next to you on the seat and giggled with glee every time you watched me moveContinue reading “41 Paws”

Forty Paws

Dear Leo, I think it’s Fall season. At least that’s what momma and dada say. It’s a silly name for it, if you ask me. Everything falls down from the trees and bushes and so they call it, fall. That’s not too original, I prefer the term autumn. It sounds a little bit more sophisticated,Continue reading “Forty Paws”

Thirty Nine Paws

Dear Leo, Today grandma and grandpa came to visit me and you. I know that they’re always excited to see the two of us. I get extra excited about a visit when I don’t expect it, that’s why I jump up really high to give them a hug. Momma and dada aren’t super happy whenContinue reading “Thirty Nine Paws”

Thirty eight Paws

Dear Leo, This morning we had some fun times together lil dude. I like when you throw all the stuffed animals for me. I think they’re all for me of course. I know that the humans give them to you, which is silly because we all know who loves to chew on them, (pause forContinue reading “Thirty eight Paws”

Thirty Seven Paws

Dear Leo, You know what’s great about walking in the rain? All the smells. They’re especially magnificent if the wind is blowing. When that happens my nose is overwhelmed with all the possible trails surrounding us to take. Sometimes I like to try all the trails at once and then I pull you and mamaContinue reading “Thirty Seven Paws”

Thirty five Paws

Dear Leo, Today we saw not one bunny, but two on our walk with mama! You helped hold my leash while we were walking this morning. I liked that a lot. It was funny that you wouldn’t let go, but then I moved a little and you had to let go, but you still calledContinue reading “Thirty five Paws”

Thirty four paws

Dear Leo, Today we took a walk. Which we do every day together, sometimes two or three times a day, but today we were on the look out. Lately you have really gotten into pointing at things, and then grabbing my human leash and trying to walk me. Mama lets you do that for aContinue reading “Thirty four paws”

Thirty three paws

Dear Leo, Today there were a bunch of big-little humans playing out front of our house. You were watching them, and I growled at them. So you growled too. I liked that. You’re my tiny human puppy. Then we spied on them, through our window by the front door. They didn’t know we were thereContinue reading “Thirty three paws”

Thirty Two Paws

Dear Leo, Hi buddy. Today you were grabbing my tail during the pre-snack snack banana oatmeal applesauce deal. I did not really like that, but I was not about to move on account that there were bananas involved. It’s both of our favorite fruit ok, and momma said if I sat that I would getContinue reading “Thirty Two Paws”

Thirty one paws

Dear Leo, Today started out pretty rainy. We went on our walk around the neighborhood anyway. I didn’t mind the rain too much. My coat is pretty thick because I’m a dog, and besides I am part labrador retriever so I have special paws and thick doggy hair. Sometimes I don’t like going out inContinue reading “Thirty one paws”