Thirty Two Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi buddy. Today you were grabbing my tail during the pre-snack snack banana oatmeal applesauce deal. I did not really like that, but I was not about to move on account that there were bananas involved. It’s both of our favorite fruit ok, and momma said if I sat that I would get some ‘nana,’ as you say, and besides which, you had some ‘nana’ in your mouth. There was no need to go pulling my tail along to get me to move. It doesn’t make the mama move faster. In my experience, she moves slower if you start trying to get her to move faster. So it’s counter intuitive, there’s something for your vocabulary journal baby. We called a truce during snack snack in your high chair and we played during nap.

But I guess you were extra tired from your park play date with mama because you went back to sleep after waking up and sort of crying for a moment. Sometimes I do that… well I do that a lot actually. It feels nice to switch positions during nap time. I like to start off on the couch, facing in or out, most of the time I face out because someone is in the room with me and I have to keep an eye on them, you know. Then I switch to the other side of the couch to get more comfiness going on. After that I like to move to the window space for a bit of sunshine, if it happens to be shining. Lastly, I lay on the stairs landing space. That’s a good in between spot to make sure I catch all the smells and know where all the humans are at. It’s also a great position to make sure I can alarm us all if someone happens upon the front porch, like they do with the packages of secret human things. 

I love you little buddy. I’ll try to catch up to this second nap right now. Meet at the slide? 



© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Tongues out.

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