Four Hundred and Forty Six Paws

Dear Brothers, It’s nap time. It’s quiet in the house right now. I’m digging this feeling of peacefulness while I lay on momma and daddy’s bed. Ahhh, the luxury of silence. Whoever coined the term, “Silence is golden,” knew what it was like to live with two toddlers who are amazing and exhausting for thisContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty Six Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello littles. All I have to say is that: gosh I love you both so much! We’ve had some really nice neighborhood walks every morning with the parents. I love the outdoor smells and having both of you by my side. Thank you for all of the love and support littles. I wouldContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty Eight Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirteen Paws

Dear Brothers, I can smell the most interesting things in the outside air. Whenever I step outside I can feel the warmth underneath my paws and smell all the sweetness in the air. I’m pretty sure the sweetness smell is from the cherry tree too, but either way, it all excites me. I live myContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirteen Paws”

Three Hundred and Seventy Three Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello there adventurers! You’re both so busy each and every morning. Life is an adventure when you’re a toddler and a baby. IRB tries to keep up with you LDB, but I think he gets a little bit overwhelmed just keeping track of you in the house! You move so quickly back andContinue reading “Three Hundred and Seventy Three Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Paws

Dear Brothers, There is a blue shiny light sparkling above us. I’m thinking that it’s new because, I don’t remember it being there before. Daddy was pushing things into the ceiling for a while. We had to move the room’s perimeter objects as he went around the room. IRB was busy in his play tableContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Paws”

Two Hundred and Ten Paws

Dear Leo, It’s one of those mornings and days where the sun is super shiny in the sky, the breeze is blowing, and there’s a lot of good smells in the air. I had a grand time on our walk this morning. I was wagging my tail and enjoying our time as a family. IContinue reading “Two Hundred and Ten Paws”

Two Hundred and Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy aka Himmy, Hi best doggy friend! You had a busy morning with me! You, mama, dada, and I went on a walk with our stroller. You had a great time and kept wagging your tail. Mama said, “Kimmy are you happy? Are you loving the sunshine too?” I think you were! I broughtContinue reading “Two Hundred and Nine Paws”

Two Hundred and Eight Paws

Dear Leo, Today mama had one of her, “boop, boop, beep, beep,” doctor appointments in the morning. We all slept in a little bit, but you managed to get up in time to see the garbage truck arrive and dump our bins from the small street we live on. That was the first highlight ofContinue reading “Two Hundred and Eight Paws”

Two Hundred and Seven Paws

Dear Kimmy, There are some new things happening around our home right now. I make sense of them by talking them out before my nap and bed time. I like to verbally process, as mama calls it. I talk about a lot of things during those times. Sometimes you talk before you go to sleepContinue reading “Two Hundred and Seven Paws”

Two Hundred and Six Paws

Dear Leo, “Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in, let the sunshine, let the sunshine in,” I heard that once when mama and dada were watching a musical called, “Hair.” That song stuck with me because I love the sunshine so much. I think I was meant to sing it, but whoContinue reading “Two Hundred and Six Paws”