Three Hundred and Eighty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello there dear ones! Sometimes, in a dog’s short life on this earth, we get lucky. By lucky I mean the following, we find those that we’re supposed to love and be loved by. I know this to be true because I’m living it each day with all of you. You’re my humanContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Seven Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Six Paws

Dear Brothers, Spring is here and summer is next! Our garden is growing right before our eyes. We have tulips and daffodils that are springing up. One of the daffodils has progressively bloomed more and more each day. I like to walk over to it and touch the tip of my nose to the softContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Six Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Four Paws

Dear Kimmy dog sister, Hi! It’s me, the babyyyyyy, IRB! As of late we have had a lot of super great cuddles together! I’m growing now so I can sit up next to you super well. I even grab your body for balance and pull myself to you more. I love to do that. IContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Four Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Three Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hi! HI KIMMY! Can you hear me Kimmy? It’s LDB, I’m shouting because I think you’re sleeping and you might need me to talk extra loudly so that you can hear me in dream land. I’m writing this letter to tell you that, well, actually to tell you a few things! Here goes:Continue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Three Paws”

Three Hundred Eighty Two Paws

Dear Brothers, Top of the morning to ‘ya! I heard daddy say that once, and I’ve been holding onto that phrase for a while now. You gotta hold your key phrases or one liners close to your heart and toss them out when the spirit moves you. The spirit moved me, speaking of moving… mamaContinue reading “Three Hundred Eighty Two Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty One Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hiiiii big doggy sister! I love you!! Mama said I could write a letter to you, so this is it! It’s a letter. Yay! No wait, I think I might want to tell you some more…let me see. Oh! I know, here’s a little story to share. Remember when I was eating mashedContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty One Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty One Paws

Dear Doggy Pal, Hello! Guess what bff? It’s almost my bir-sa-day. I think that’s how you say it. Or sometimes it sounds like birthday? Which one is it Kim-Kimmy? I like to make up names for you my doggy friend. You know the books we read about the big red dog named, Clifford? You’re likeContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty One Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Paws

Dear Little Humans of mine, Hello dear ones! “Love, love changes everything,” I’m not sure what the rest of the human words are, but those ones stuck out the most to me. I’m lying on the bed with the mama. She’s typing and we’re relaxing together. We had a sunny-tastic morning time of play, rompingContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Paws”

Three Hundred and Seventy Nine Paws

Dear Brothers, Greetings, mid week, it’s a special day! Do you know what day of the week it is? It’s giant truck day! This is the day of the garbage trucks, all morning long! There will be four of them arriving quite soon. You’ve been asking what day it is for a while now LDB.Continue reading “Three Hundred and Seventy Nine Paws”

Three Hundred and Seventy Eight Paws

Dear Brothers, Sleepy baby bears. Goodness it’s one of those days when time just flies by. We had some fun in the bits of sunshine of the morning LDB. You were quite busy with the little blue car, the big yellow and red car, and all of your, “out front of the house toys,” andContinue reading “Three Hundred and Seventy Eight Paws”