Thirty eight Paws

Dear Leo,

This morning we had some fun times together lil dude. I like when you throw all the stuffed animals for me. I think they’re all for me of course. I know that the humans give them to you, which is silly because we all know who loves to chew on them, (pause for human dramatic effect) ME, aka The Kimmy Dog! I just love how squishy they are in my mouth. It’s quite satisfying to pull them apart as well. They just go, “Poof,” and they come apart easy peas-y. Unless, of course, mama says, “No Kimmy, no chew,” and then I’ll just kind of gum it and lick it for a while until she says, “No Kimmy, no lick.” Then I spit it out and give her my pout-pout face. Just like in your book. Man I have that thing memorized. I don’t know why the humans even look at the pages anymore, don’t they have it memorized too? I went off on a tangent, sorry Leo. Anyway….

I really love when you throw the toys for me again, and again, and again. I race around, and around, and around, particularly around the kitchen table. That’s a winning combo for baby giggles. You love to race around too and then, “THROWWWWWW!” Followed by a loud succession of, “Whoooooo woooo woooooooo!” Because as we all know, that’s the war cry for Kimmy the beast who conquers the stuffies!

Love you,


© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

“On your mark, get set, go!”

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