Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello there. I have a little diddy that I wrote for you in this letter. It goes something like this, “The sun has come out, it’s tomorrow, bet you thought that Kimmy’d like this song too! I knew there’d be suuuuuun. The sun has come out, tomorrow, I love that we have someContinue reading “Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Paws”

Three Hundred and Sixty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers, It is I, Kimmy, your doggy friend. There seems to be a rumbling as of  late about trying to opt out of naps or bed time. We’re just not going to have that little ones, now are we? I need my sleep. I must get my fifteen naps, minimum, to feel my perkyContinue reading “Three Hundred and Sixty Seven Paws”

Three Hundred and Sixty Six Paws

Dear Little Ones, Happy almost weekend time to you both! It feels like it’s been a long doggy week. We’ve had five full days of play, running around, crying, singing, flopping, cuddling, teaching, and reading. I’m plumb tucker worn out little guys! In fact, I am so tired that I just laid down on, gulp,Continue reading “Three Hundred and Sixty Six Paws”

Three Hundred and Sixty Five Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello there lil ones. I would like to confess something. It’s a little bit hard to do, but here goes, I don’t like it when you both cry. Ahhh, that feels better to have gotten that off of my doggy heart. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in your feelings that I getContinue reading “Three Hundred and Sixty Five Paws”

Three Hundred and Sixty Three Paws

Dear Brothers, Would you both like to be in on a little secret that I know? Well, you’re going to be whether you want to or not, haha. Or in the words of our mama, “LOL,” which means laugh out loud! It’s snowing outside. I think you may have seen it a bit IRB, butContinue reading “Three Hundred and Sixty Three Paws”

Three Hundred and Fifty Six Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello, calling all brothers in this house!!! “Ahhhhem, attention please, report for brother duty to listen up!” Alright. Now that I have your attention I would like to clarify something, I am and always will be your big sister dog Kimmy, but I will not be fought over when it comes to bedContinue reading “Three Hundred and Fifty Six Paws”

Three Hundred and Fifty Paws

Dear Brothers, Yesterday was a slice of pie kind of day. We had sunshine, we had dry grounds outside, and we had a family walk. It was my kind of a dog-gone good day. Did you hear that?  Ha! I’m hilarious, I know. I recognize that I have a great sense of humor and IContinue reading “Three Hundred and Fifty Paws”

Three Hundred and Forty Nine Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello! Kimmy here reporting for blog duty. It’s a sun shiny day that is bringing us joy. You both were lucky duckies and went on a walk with mama so that you could soak up some sunshine and IRB could take a walk nap. “Walking nap,” is a funny phrase. I think itContinue reading “Three Hundred and Forty Nine Paws”

Three Hundred and Forty Six Paws

Dear Brothers, Happy weekend vibes to you both. Currently my situation includes the following: lounging on the couch cuddled up with a teddy bear watching mama intermittently while daddy shuffles around getting wires and such to fix something called a computer. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but it smells of cardboard, metal boxesContinue reading “Three Hundred and Forty Six Paws”

Three Hundred and Forty Five Paws

Dear LDB and IRB, “Ah!! Sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you,” that is a silly song boys. Why was mama singing it yesterday during music time? Hmmm. I mainly hung out in the family room on my cozy blankets because, let’s be honest here: your piano skills are developing LDB, but, theyContinue reading “Three Hundred and Forty Five Paws”