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  • One Hundred and Seventy Four Paws

    June 3, 2020 by

    Dear Leo, Hi little guy. We had a pretty busy morning together. We played in the back yard for a while. You like to say the word play, but in your own way now. You say, “P-ay,” and then you run around and around, dig, scoop, climb, slide, and move about. I had a great… Read more

  • One Hundred and Seventy Three Paws

    June 1, 2020 by

    Dear Leo, It’s a beautiful morning! The sun is shining, I got lots of warm rays soaked into my back and you’re enjoying the weather in the yard. You are so into scooping dirt, placing it into your truck bed, dumping it, and then bringing them onto your slide. I like to watch you and… Read more

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