Two Hundred and Ninety Eight Paws

Dearest Brothers, Today is the start of the weekend. You’re both snoozing, and quite frankly, so am I. I curled up on the corner of mama and daddy’s bed so that I could be cozy. We had a full and busy morning from 6am until almost noon. That’s a long time for a doggy kiddos.Continue reading “Two Hundred and Ninety Eight Paws”

Two Hundred and Fifty Two Paws

Dear Brothers, Ah the beach! The wondrous and mighty roar of the ocean, did you hear it? Did you smell it? I sure did. The moment our car exited the highway I could smell the sea air through the window. There is something so freeing to me about that smell. It’s as if it rushesContinue reading “Two Hundred and Fifty Two Paws”

Thirty Seven Paws

Dear Leo, You know what’s great about walking in the rain? All the smells. They’re especially magnificent if the wind is blowing. When that happens my nose is overwhelmed with all the possible trails surrounding us to take. Sometimes I like to try all the trails at once and then I pull you and mamaContinue reading “Thirty Seven Paws”