Thirty Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

Today grandma and grandpa came to visit me and you. I know that they’re always excited to see the two of us. I get extra excited about a visit when I don’t expect it, that’s why I jump up really high to give them a hug. Momma and dada aren’t super happy when I do that though, it’s hard for me to contain myself though. Family is so exciting and I get the buzzy energy in me to just go, go, go, so I pulled us all the way home at the end of our walk! I’m super strong so I can pull momma really well. You took g’ma and g’mpa on an extra long exploration time in the front yard. You showed them the acorns, the leaves, the bushes, the flowers, (the dandelion seeds, how to pick those), and all about the na-ni-na squirrels, cats, and rabbits in the wetland. I could see you when I peeked out our special peek-a-boo window! I like to do that to make sure you’re safe and ok. Otherwise I would be worried and wonder what was happening with you, little guy. I like to give you reassuring kisses so that you know I’m taking care of you. That’s why I gave you the full, “Sniff down,” when you came inside and I helped take your shoes off. Also because I love your baby toes, they’re almost as good as banana or peanut butter licks. Love you baby,



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I’ve got you, and you’ve got me.

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