51 Paws

Dear Leo, Today there is a cool crispy feeling outside. We still played with the ball, or as I like to say, Kimmy leaps for the ball and Leo screams. Sometimes I’m not even really sure what we’re playing, but whatever it is, I like it. When we went on our walk this morning weContinue reading “51 Paws”

50 Paws

Dear Leo, It’s sunny today, but it’s also super windy. Sometimes when the wind blows so hard, my ears fly up into the air. Momma and daddy call me, “bat dog,” when that happens. I’m not so sure what that means, but usually it’s followed by pets or kisses so I like that a lot. YouContinue reading “50 Paws”

49 Paws

Dear Leo, Today we got you up early so you could wave to the waste management specialist. I like to say garbage person! You love the garbage truck, goodness do you love it. I was very concerned about why daddy was running you down the stairs and then I sat and watched the whole sceneContinue reading “49 Paws”

48 Paws

Dear Leo, Today we did the unspeakable, the parents put me, not you, into the bathtub. What a travesty! They wasted so much good drinking water on making me smell bizarre. I was just beginning to feel like I was at that, “smelling good,” dog stage, and they bathed me. You were trying to helpContinue reading “48 Paws”

47 Paws

Dear Leo, This morning we did a lot of what mom calls, yard work in the garden. We pulled out all the metal thing-a-ma-jigs that held up the plants. Mom pulled out all the stems, leaves, and old plants. You helped out lots too, so naturally I chipped in as well. I stood right nextContinue reading “47 Paws”

46 Paws

Dear Leo, Today we got up a little bit later than usual. Sometimes your baby sleep schedule runs over the, “wake up time.” I love you though, even with an early wake up routine. Your smile, or call to me in the morning makes my day start off great.  But, I must confess, I wasContinue reading “46 Paws”

Forty five paws

Dear Leo, Today you didn’t take your baby nap-o-nap like you usually do. So, do you know what that meant for me, your doggy? I didn’t have a nappy nap either. I was so tired by bedtime. You were too! You kept falling on your bottom and getting up, running around, playing, and then floppingContinue reading “Forty five paws”

Forty Four Paws

Dear Leo, Last night dad discovered tiny moving creatures in the office room. Momma and dada don’t like the tiny critters. They really like our home though. Sometimes they even like my doggy bowl or food bowl. I’ve been around longer than you my little brother, so I know, steer clear of the tiny creatures,Continue reading “Forty Four Paws”

Forty Three Paws

Dear Leo, Today you woke up the house way too early little guy. 5 am is not ok in Kimmy land. So I curled back up and went to sleepy town again. Mom came and visited me too early. So I ignored her and continued to sleep on the couch. I did this even afterContinue reading “Forty Three Paws”

Forty Two Paws

Dear Leo, Today, the sunshine has returned. We had a really nice morning walk with our momma. You always point to this big metal green dome in a neighbor’s yard, and we go through a grassy field next to, and then we head over to the place that smells like people and little kids. YouContinue reading “Forty Two Paws”