41 Paws

Dear Leo,

This morning we visited the place, “that shall not be named…” paws for dramatic effect, I will whisper it, “the vet.” DOH! It was a fun car ride to that place. You seemed to love having me next to you on the seat and giggled with glee every time you watched me move around. I have to do a lot of surfing when I am sitting in the car as a doggy. It’s rather uncomfortable unless I am laying down on the seat, but because you have a very large baby seat, it takes up extra puppy dog room. I was really nervous when we got to the place because I know what all the scary smells mean: they are going to touch me, and poke me in places I don’t wanna be poked. So, that’s why I was panting and stressed out.

Sometimes I worry that the peoples won’t let me come back to you and mama, so that’s why I get so anxious. That’s also why momma said she wouldn’t leave me in the kennel place. So you came with me today too. I won’t lie to you, I did not enjoy the poke-pokes they did, but I am glad that they are over with, and that you didn’t have to watch me get them done. I think that would have made it harder, if you’d had to watch. You couldn’t lick me or hug me to make it better because you were in the car seat thing on wheels. It was all very concerning, but we are home now. 

After you came back from the place that smells like feet and books you ran over to me and gave me a long, long hug and kiss. I loved that baby. It’s like you knew I needed some Leo loves after my couch dreamies while you and mama did the book song thing. I hope you’re having a good dream right now. I’m back to our dreamland now too. It was a long morning. 

I love you Leo,

xo Kimmy-Kim

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

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