Thirty Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

You know what’s great about walking in the rain? All the smells. They’re especially magnificent if the wind is blowing. When that happens my nose is overwhelmed with all the possible trails surrounding us to take. Sometimes I like to try all the trails at once and then I pull you and mama all over the place. It takes me a few moments to calm myself into leading the way. You have to follow your nose though, it’s an important life skill. I hear it’s like following your heart, that’s what momma and dada say anyway. Sometimes I wonder where you will lead me when you’re big enough.

Maybe one day you’ll be taller than me, but for now, we’re about even. I like when you stand next to me and pat my back. That makes me feel really warm inside. Occasionally I have to give you some big slurps to match the warm fuzzy feelings, and then I feel really whole. Right now we’re both napping and I’m telling mama what to write in my dreamies. She let me lay on the big bed and sleep. We were both pretty worn out from our visitors from the land of Washington. They were both so nice. I loved to stick my nose underneath their hands and arms and get pets. Although, I hear that my tail makes big sounds like, “Whack-whack,” against any surface. That was a little bit noisy for the humans at ten o’clock in the night night time. But a dog’s tail, has got to do, what a dog’s tail, has got to do!

I love you LDB!

xo, Kimmy

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Investigation time.

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