Thirty three paws

Dear Leo,

Today there were a bunch of big-little humans playing out front of our house. You were watching them, and I growled at them. So you growled too. I liked that. You’re my tiny human puppy. Then we spied on them, through our window by the front door. They didn’t know we were there until mom came over. One of them was trying to do some sort of flip thing in our yard and momma wasn’t ok with that. I smelled danger, so maybe momma did too. Sometimes she picks up on my scent waves, which is good, for a human. She’s getting better at it. For instance, when they brought you home from the metal smelling place, I had to remind her to do the feeding thing with you, so I would boop her with my nose to remind her, in the spot where she needed to put you. Often times humans just miss the boat completely, other times, well, they get it. I hope that when you grow bigger, you’ll still listen to me. I love you!


© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Always playing around.

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