49 Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we got you up early so you could wave to the waste management specialist. I like to say garbage person! You love the garbage truck, goodness do you love it. I was very concerned about why daddy was running you down the stairs and then I sat and watched the whole scene unfold. You do like to wave at all the people, trucks, planes, and trains. I prefer to run around and bark at them, that’s one difference between you and I. Then, we didn’t take our normal Leo and Kimmy walk this morning. You went to somewhere with the mama in the car. I was a little bit sad that I couldn’t come, but then you came back after a few naps for me and you smelled terrific! You didn’t sound too happy, but you had interesting smells all over you. I think you went somewhere that our friend Stephanie and Carter were at because I smelled them too.

I love your baby friends. You were cry-crying when you came in the house. I think you were hungry because you cried through your first banana bites, but then you were happy about oatmeal snack and banana. I liked it too, I helped watch to catch anything that might have fallen off of you. Momma took you to take your nap right after that because you were still kind of sad after the food was gone. I didn’t mind too much because I went outside in the sunshine with momma and now I’m napping and dictating the story to momma for you. See you in our dreams lil guy. 

xoxo, Kimmy

“This way to the action!”

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