50 Paws

Dear Leo,

It’s sunny today, but it’s also super windy. Sometimes when the wind blows so hard, my ears fly up into the air. Momma and daddy call me, “bat dog,” when that happens. I’m not so sure what that means, but usually it’s followed by pets or kisses so I like that a lot. You love to watch the leaves blow down from the sky and fall to the patio. Then you rush over to find the best leaf and put it into the red bin, as momma calls it. I like to rush over to you and check the smells from the tree tops. You just can’t reach up that high when you’re grounded like us doggies. The squirrels that taunt us seem to defy gravity and get up to the tree tops by jump-flying. The other day we raced outside to chase a squirrel friend, but it jumped from the fence into a nearby tree by flying off the fence and into the air. I thought it was a ‘gonner, but nope, it kept sailing and landed on the tree branch! Those squirrels, they’re nutty….get it, because they eat nuts! Haha, ok, now it’s nap time!



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“Let’s play with your toy Kimmy!” Pt 1.
“No, my turn now!” Pt 2
“Wait, just one more nibble please.” Pt. 3
“Okay, I’ll give it to you baby.” Pt. 4

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