46 Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we got up a little bit later than usual. Sometimes your baby sleep schedule runs over the, “wake up time.” I love you though, even with an early wake up routine. Your smile, or call to me in the morning makes my day start off great.  But, I must confess, I was very upset today because you did not have a restful nap-nap sleep. Mom put me in the garage when the smelly bug person came to the house. I didn’t like that, but I was a good dog, and I played on the towel on the carpets in the garage like I was told. You did the cry-cry and then you fell asleep. You woke up, a little while later though. So I didn’t get my whole nap. I’m feeling a bit sleepy now. You’re eating bread with peanut butter and apples. These are three of my favorite things. It’s torture, but I know that if I prevail I will get some peanut butter. YUM! I love you Leo. 

See, there you go, giving me your fingers to lick, Sluuuuurrrrrrrrrp!



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Leaf patrol.

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