Forty Four Paws

Dear Leo,

Last night dad discovered tiny moving creatures in the office room. Momma and dada don’t like the tiny critters. They really like our home though. Sometimes they even like my doggy bowl or food bowl. I’ve been around longer than you my little brother, so I know, steer clear of the tiny creatures, especially if they’re walking in a line. Daddy got the white stuff and put it into water with another powdery thing, he shook, shook, shook it up and they put cotton into it and then place it all around the creatures pathways. Personally, I checked out after I knew it wasn’t for me. So I took an early bedtime nap while they took care of the creature situation.

Oh! I just remembered, you saw these things and called them ants, when we were playing outside. Momma showed you them, and we watched as Charlotte the spider ate some in her sparkly web. Your big humans are into giving everything a name little guy. If it were me, I would just call it, “eight legged creature that moves fast.” I’m not sure why they decided to call it Charlotte, but that’s what they do. So all the eight legged creatures are Charlottes. So far there’s about four of them. Ok, I gotta nap now. I love you.

Kimmy, your doggy

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Serious pose.

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