Forty Two Paws

Dear Leo,

Today, the sunshine has returned. We had a really nice morning walk with our momma. You always point to this big metal green dome in a neighbor’s yard, and we go through a grassy field next to, and then we head over to the place that smells like people and little kids. You love to show the way to go on our walks by pointing your finger in the direction you want to go. I like that because then it means we’ll be outside for longer and get to play play in the sunshine.

One of your favorite things to do on our walks is point out all the plants that grow towards the sunshine. You like to boop the flowers and plants and giggle when they tickle your fingers. When we stop our walk for these flowery boop-s I like to get some smells in too. Sometimes I get more than I bargained for, like when my whole head got soaked from the pumping plant, or when the bees followed me. Another time I collected a whole bunch of web business from a spidery friend. It followed me all the way home, trailing along like my tail. Thanks for throwing the ball for me when we were playing in the yard. I also love it when you share with me. It’s hard for me to share, that’s why I shake the ball and run around a bit before I share back. I love you Leo. 

Your friend and paw-sister,


© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

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