51 Paws

Dear Leo,

Today there is a cool crispy feeling outside. We still played with the ball, or as I like to say, Kimmy leaps for the ball and Leo screams. Sometimes I’m not even really sure what we’re playing, but whatever it is, I like it.

When we went on our walk this morning we counted the na-ni-nas together. Whenever you would spot one you’d say, “Baby! Na-ni-na!” I think the squirrels are rather skittish this time of year. They run about again and again, with giant seeds in their mouths hopping about our fences and flinging themselves into trees. I’m going to tell you something Leo, I’ve never told any four pawed friend before, I hope that when I come back in my next life, it’s not as a squirrel, but perhaps as a bird. There’s something a bit too rodent-like that exacerbates the rules of decorum with squirrels. I much prefer the air, specifically the currents that carry all of the great smells my way. So, naturally of course I would want to take to the sky, in the next life I lead, as a bird. 

Night night lil dude, 

Your Kimmy

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Paws and boots, these are the days.

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