Forty Three Paws

Dear Leo,

Today you woke up the house way too early little guy. 5 am is not ok in Kimmy land. So I curled back up and went to sleepy town again. Mom came and visited me too early. So I ignored her and continued to sleep on the couch. I did this even after she gave me two kiss-kisses on my head. I liked the kisses, but I just couldn’t get up. Then you really got up at 6:45. That was ok timing.

So I did some yoga after momma. I showed her how to properly do the downward dog. She tries, but she’s not a doggy like me and like you can do. She needs to work on her leg angle. It helps if you do the doward dog when you’re getting off the couch-y bed. That works really well. I also like it when I do the doggy yoga and you walk underneath me. That’s fun. Well, it’s fun until I bump-bump you with my legs and then you do the cry-cry, so I have to lick your face and ears. That stops the crying really fast. Momma and dada don’t realize that all they need to do is lick your ears. That makes you stop crying and giggle. Humans, they just don’t get it like us dogs do. Love you baby. 


Kimmy-the-Kim-Kim dog

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Action shots.

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