47 Paws

Dear Leo,

This morning we did a lot of what mom calls, yard work in the garden. We pulled out all the metal thing-a-ma-jigs that held up the plants. Mom pulled out all the stems, leaves, and old plants. You helped out lots too, so naturally I chipped in as well. I stood right next to mom and you to make sure you were safe, even if you needed to walk somewhere, I was right there to guard you. You can never be too careful, especially when we’re outside baby! 

Then mom went to the front yard and got the giant monster bin for all the plants! That was super exciting because she discovered two of my poopy spots! You pointed out where I’d done my business and we all scooped it up. It was a super fun time. I’m not quite sure why humans need to move my poops, but, regardless, they do and I’m used to it now. You’re still quite fascinated by it all and enjoy the morning hunt for the numbers two’s in life. I digressed… where was I? 

Oh yes, so we decided to put all the plant stuff mom had pulled out into the big bin. That was exciting for you because mom opened the bin. So you were laughing and saying lots of things, so I decided to run around in a circle to show how excited I was for you. I even tried to help put some of the plants into the bin by picking them up with my mouth. Mom didn’t like that though, so I spit them back out. You were helping her put old vegetables like the beans, and the carrot you pulled out, and the tomatoes onto the table for us to have later. You also collected special leaves and put them on the table for safe keeping. We were really busy little babe. You got super tired and crank-ies so I helped you by encouraging you to go upstairs for your nap time, I licked your face and neck a lot even when you were crying to make you feel better. For some reason you cried even louder, but I never tasted any tears, so I’m not sure if you were crying or kvetching, as momma says. See you in dreamland baby. 



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“Giddi-up horsey!”

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