Fifty Eight Paws

Dear Leo, Today you came home and you smelled funny. You smelled like, funny water with chlorine. It reminded me of when dada would come home and smell like that after he was doing the swimming thing for a year. I think you had a fun time though because you were super excited to petContinue reading “Fifty Eight Paws”

Fifty Seven Paws

Dear Leo, Today, some people were at the na-ni-nah tree when we rounded the corner coming home. This was bad news for those na-ni-nah’s because as we all know, the squirrels rule the block. Their home was chip-chopped into parts because it was, “overgrown,” according to the owners of the property. Personally, I think thoseContinue reading “Fifty Seven Paws”

56 Paws

Dear Leo, Today we were playing outside and you took both of the balls. But you didn’t share. So I took one of them back. That didn’t go over so well though. There were some loud tiny human feelings shared, and then we worked on sharing. Momma was patient with me and I tried toContinue reading “56 Paws”

Fifty five Paws

Dear Leo, Yesterday it rained. Today it rained. I bet it’ll rain tomorrow. The Californian in me is wishing to see the sunshine again. Although, I shouldn’t complain because I really enjoyed our morning walk together. You, momma, and dada, always make sure that we go on a walk, no matter what, well unless itContinue reading “Fifty five Paws”

Fifty four Paws

Dear Buddy, You’ve been doing this new thing lately where you come up to me when I’m minding my own business and playing with a stuffed animal. You seem to think it’s ok to grab the stuffed animal from me and then give it to momma. Why do you do that lil’ dude? I wasContinue reading “Fifty four Paws”

Fifty three Paws

Dear Leo, Today you went to the place that smells like old books and baby feet. Momma calls it the library, I call it the smelly place. You also smelled like soap, I think that’s because you had bubbles pop on your hair at some point. You seemed quite happy about coming home and youContinue reading “Fifty three Paws”

52 Paws

Dear Leo, Sometimes in life we get frustrated. I think you’re going through a stage of puppy life when you get frustrated easily because, let’s face it baby, life is rough for us. Momma and dada don’t speak doggy and they don’t speak baby, but I know they’re working on it. Although, I take thatContinue reading “52 Paws”

51 Paws

Dear Leo, Today there is a cool crispy feeling outside. We still played with the ball, or as I like to say, Kimmy leaps for the ball and Leo screams. Sometimes I’m not even really sure what we’re playing, but whatever it is, I like it. When we went on our walk this morning weContinue reading “51 Paws”

50 Paws

Dear Leo, It’s sunny today, but it’s also super windy. Sometimes when the wind blows so hard, my ears fly up into the air. Momma and daddy call me, “bat dog,” when that happens. I’m not so sure what that means, but usually it’s followed by pets or kisses so I like that a lot. YouContinue reading “50 Paws”

49 Paws

Dear Leo, Today we got you up early so you could wave to the waste management specialist. I like to say garbage person! You love the garbage truck, goodness do you love it. I was very concerned about why daddy was running you down the stairs and then I sat and watched the whole sceneContinue reading “49 Paws”