Fifty five Paws

Dear Leo,

Yesterday it rained. Today it rained. I bet it’ll rain tomorrow. The Californian in me is wishing to see the sunshine again. Although, I shouldn’t complain because I really enjoyed our morning walk together. You, momma, and dada, always make sure that we go on a walk, no matter what, well unless it is raining tiny balls, then we don’t go out because, well, those hurt the fur. Today we started out our walk with no rain. Then, we pulled over underneath a tree, which was a very strange choice for our momma to make. She had to put on her extra layer of fur, and then she put on this weird layer on your stroller so that the rain bounces back off, sometimes it bounced onto me!

After all that business, I didn’t have to sit anymore and we got to keep walking, I liked that part. I just take care of all the rain in the garage and the house. Sometimes it works best to shake off on the human, then the rain really gets off of me and onto the nearby person. You don’t know how to shake off very well yet. I try to show you, but you seem to think that rolling around on the ground is the way to go, which, you can do, because that works fine, but that’s not, “the shake.” I must admit though, your version of shaking off is pretty cute baby. I love you.

xo, Kimmy-Kim

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

“The wolfie dog just doesn’t know how to sit up on his own.”

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