Fifty Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

Today you came home and you smelled funny. You smelled like, funny water with chlorine. It reminded me of when dada would come home and smell like that after he was doing the swimming thing for a year. I think you had a fun time though because you were super excited to pet me and then eat banana. I liked both of those things so that was great!

For some reason the morning time felt like it went by really fast. I didn’t get to take you on a walk like I normally do, so, maybe we’ll do that together after our nap time. We did see the garbage man today, that was super exciting. All of a sudden momma got you up and out of bed early and I was ready and waiting by the door to say hi to you. The garbage truck is a loud, green machine, that makes everything go, BAM! You like to watch and motion for the lever to dump the bins. I get kind of scared with the sounds, so I watch through our secret window for the dumping part, and I greet you when you come back inside. I feel better once we’re all together. Speaking of which, I’d rather be sleeping in your room right now, but momma felt it was better for me to snooze on their bed, so that’s where I am. I have to go look for you at the park in our dream. I better hurry up so I don’t miss out on any of the ball throwing. I love you LDB!

xo, Kimmy

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Always by momma’s side. Oh, and a box.

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