Fifty four Paws

Dear Buddy,

You’ve been doing this new thing lately where you come up to me when I’m minding my own business and playing with a stuffed animal. You seem to think it’s ok to grab the stuffed animal from me and then give it to momma. Why do you do that lil’ dude? I was playing with it. Momma gives it back to me and you have all sorts of feelings about that. Usually you do some pointing, some loud talking, and some stomp-stomping. Then we work it out with a pet and a brief human explanation that I tune completely out because I have things to chew! I think you are confused about which stuffies are for me and which ones are for you. I get it, I know which ones are for you and I only occasionally give them some slobber licks from me. Then there are the elephants that I give all my doggy energies to and I chew the blazes out of them, and give them hard shake shakes. I always feel so much better after a good shake! You and I are both sleeping hard during our nap times. We had a big morning in the rain and watching all the squirrels run around outside. Love you lil guy,


© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

“Shh, I’m a pillow and I’m sleeping.”

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