Thirty Seven Paws

Dear Leo, You know what’s great about walking in the rain? All the smells. They’re especially magnificent if the wind is blowing. When that happens my nose is overwhelmed with all the possible trails surrounding us to take. Sometimes I like to try all the trails at once and then I pull you and mamaContinue reading “Thirty Seven Paws”

Thirty Six Paws

Dear Leo, Today it rained. And rained. And rained. The Californian in me was not pleased. Momma and daddy don’t understand why I don’t like to get my paws wet. I know I am a part lab doggie, but really, who likes to go barefoot in the rain? All the time though. You, on theContinue reading “Thirty Six Paws”

Thirty five Paws

Dear Leo, Today we saw not one bunny, but two on our walk with mama! You helped hold my leash while we were walking this morning. I liked that a lot. It was funny that you wouldn’t let go, but then I moved a little and you had to let go, but you still calledContinue reading “Thirty five Paws”

Thirty four paws

Dear Leo, Today we took a walk. Which we do every day together, sometimes two or three times a day, but today we were on the look out. Lately you have really gotten into pointing at things, and then grabbing my human leash and trying to walk me. Mama lets you do that for aContinue reading “Thirty four paws”