Fifty Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

Today, some people were at the na-ni-nah tree when we rounded the corner coming home. This was bad news for those na-ni-nah’s because as we all know, the squirrels rule the block. Their home was chip-chopped into parts because it was, “overgrown,” according to the owners of the property. Personally, I think those squirrels will have a hard time relearning some of their tree branch routes that they can jump to, but you know what? Survival of the fittest baby. They seem to do just fine flinging themselves from our fence to the wetland trees so I’m sure they’ll be fine.

You were quite curious about what was happening and you kept running to the front windows to look out, point, grab momma or me and show us the to-doings of the block. I was more concerned about getting my fifth morning nap in and so I kept returning to the couch bed. Although, you can be quite entertaining, especially when you shrilly call my name and want to show me more. I can’t say no to my baby needing my comaraderie. I love you baby!

xo, Kimmy

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

“Lead the way little buddy!”

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