Fifty three Paws

Dear Leo,

Today you went to the place that smells like old books and baby feet. Momma calls it the library, I call it the smelly place. You also smelled like soap, I think that’s because you had bubbles pop on your hair at some point. You seemed quite happy about coming home and you really enjoyed your banana.

I ate a little bit of banana, and you seemed upset about sharing even the tiny piece! Baby, let me explain something. I’ve been here for a while. The peanut butters, bananas, apples, and pretty much anything that falls to the ground is also a favorite of mine. So, I think we need to strike up an agreement here about sharing. Momma says, “Sharing is caring,” so I think you should listen to her. Now I know that we both agree that momma and dada are in charge and sometimes that is frustrated, but they know best, most of the time. Following that, I know best. So, being the one that knows best, it’d be great if you shared your ‘nanas with me from time to time. I love you little munchkin. 

xoxo, Kimmy

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Naps are an essential part of doggy life.

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