Twenty Paws

Dear Leo, Today it was warm, even for this California, sun loving dog, it was a warm one little dude. You and mama didn’t take me on the morning walk like we do almost every day. I was very confused as to why you guys left, but you did. You came back smelling of newContinue reading “Twenty Paws”

19 Paws

Dear LDB, Did you know that those are your initials? I learned that yesterday after you and mom brought home the fridge-y magnet things. I was listening from the sunny spot on the carpet you know, and momma talked about the alphabet song, that went on and on and on and on, and then sheContinue reading “19 Paws”

Eighteen paws

Dear Buddy Leo, Today the grandparents came over. You say their names over and over at home, along with mine, and your cousins. You love them a lot. I can tell because you reach for their human paw fingers and you take them to other parts of the house to see things stuck on theContinue reading “Eighteen paws”

Seventeen Paws

Dear Leo, Today I tried to get you to play with me by pouncing around and plopping in the dirt. You seemed  to really enjoy that. We made friends with the neighbor kid. She’s really sweet and quiet. You ran right over to the fence and touched paws with her. I tried to do theContinue reading “Seventeen Paws”

Sixteen Paws

Dear Leo, Today it was sunny. Then it wasn’t, it was cloudy and gray-ish, so I’m told. Did you know that I don’t really see color? It’s true. But I can smell really, really well, so my sniffer makes up for what I can’t see. We played in the pool today. You love it. That’sContinue reading “Sixteen Paws”

Fifteen Paws

Dear Leo, Today is a special day. It’s our Auntie Debbie’s birthday. That means that as we go about our day, momma says, we’ll remember our auntie and do a few special things to honor her. This morning we had fun in the sunshine together. Momma says Auntie Debbie loved the sunshine and cool airContinue reading “Fifteen Paws”

Fourteen Paws

Dear Leo, Hi baby. You are really into climbing that ladder/stairs deal-i-bopper outside. It makes me really nervous, so I like to hang out near you. Naturally, as your sister with four paws and surrogate puppy mom it’s my duty to protect you. I think it really helps you when I lick your neck repeatedlyContinue reading “Fourteen Paws”

Paw Thirteen

Dear Leo, Oh my goodness baby boy. Today we were gifted an awesome play set for you in the backyard. It’s like a big tower with stairs and a slide that you can go down. You had the best time trying to climb back up the slide, I would nose you in the leg andContinue reading “Paw Thirteen”

Twelve paws

Dear Leo, Today we romped around the back yard. You spotted a bumble bee and then showed me, mom and dad. We also looked for Charlotte the spider, but it appears to be that she has moved  to a new home. Sometimes that happens with bugs, but I don’t mind. Then our friend, Uncle S.Continue reading “Twelve paws”

Eleven Paws

Dear Leo, Today you learned something called, “High five and fist bump!” You fist bumped or should I say, boop-ed me in the bum region. I did not appreciate that kind of boop-ing so I took matters into my own paws. I gave you a high paw! Now, let me just explain, a high pawContinue reading “Eleven Paws”