Three Hundred and Eighty Three Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello sweet babes! Guess what? The sun is shining! I repeat: the. sun. is. shining. upon my face! Ahhhh! I loved our morning visits to the sunshine outside. We all took some time to breathe deeply outside and feel the warm rays of sun. You proceeded to the front yard lands and splashed a lot in the big muddy puddle in front of the neighbor’s yard. I watched you out our windows and then I retired to the hallway carpet. After I waited for a bit of time, I ventured to a couch bed and have been there ever since. There’s something about sleeping, when the house is quiet and empty, I feel a little bit funny, snoozing on the job, but alas, the dreams call to me. I succumb to dream land and I wait until you both return for more daytime adventures. Speaking of dreams and play, I am late to our dreams on this day, I must go! I’ll see you by the giant tree and pine, “combs!”



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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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