Two paws

Dear Leo, Today I accidentally bumped into you when I was excited to go get the ball outside in our yard. Sorry little dude. I didn’t mean to make you fall and whap you into the ground. I felt bad, and that’s why I gave you the ball.  Sometimes you make me feel frustrated dogContinue reading “Two paws”

One paw

Dear Leo, This morning I heard you moving around, so I woke mom up. She was in her sleep zone with a weird thing over her eyes so she couldn’t see me. So I decided to lick her arm instead. It seemed the best bet, you know? Well, sigh, she didn’t get up, so IContinue reading “One paw”

Let me introduce myself

Dear world, My name is Kimmy. Here are ten things I want you to know about me: I was adopted by two humans three years ago. I love my family very much. Baby LDB is my best friend now. I love to lay in the sunshine. I like to take long walks anywhere my humansContinue reading “Let me introduce myself”