Three Hundred and Eighty Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello humans. Greetings from my blanket and the couch. I’m all warm and cozy. I have my back facing mama and daddy, so I am pretending to still be sleeping because, well let’s be honest, why should I wake up before I really need to? Now really, sleep is the most essential component of the day. it that helps me to function, with this being said, we shall call this my early morning rise nap: one. I function best off of a fifteen nap day, minimum. I keep a very consistent schedule when it comes to napping.

First, I wake when I absolutely have to i.e. one of the grown up humans has opened the back door and is pulling me off of the couch to go about my business outside. Then, I try to get a quick cat nap in, but usually I eat breakfast directly after. So, if that transpires, then I take a nap after I eat. If at all possible, I continue to nap unless one of you smaller humans gives me wake up cuddles, and then I’ll wake up and play a bit and then, you guessed it, nap some more. This all continues throughout the day until dinner number one at four o’clock and then dinner number two after your bedtimes at seven or so in the night time. Good golly, a very loud fire truck just went by, I was startled awake from my nap. I must go investigate at the window.



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All snuggled up with her bestie, napping!

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