Three Hundred Seventy Nine Paws

Dear Brothers,

Y’all, the sun has returned after all of that crazy ice, rain, and snow! I was so ecstatic to go on a family walk yesterday that I sauntered or rather cantered through the remaining road of snow. I even performed a bit of a leap, you might say. LDB you thought it was all quite hilarious. I try my best at making you laugh, what can I say? Haha. I live to amuse, and eat peanut butter!

We romped around quite a bit in the remaining snow in the back yard today. Then I watched you through the window as you ran up and down the road through the river of watery snow. You even splashed in the neighbors gigantic puddle. I could hear their doggies barking a bit. I presume you were running around in front of their house and they wanted to play too. That’s pretty understandable you know. I like to run around with you as well. Other pups get jealous when they see so much joy happening and they can’t join in the fun! I would feel the same way, but I’m lucky because I have you! I love you guys.



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Sitting with my tiny humans.

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