Three Hundred and Seventy Five Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello, from the big purple bed. I arrived half way through nap time. Gosh oh golly, I think I lost a little bit of sleep time not being up here right away! What am I to do? Go to dream land right away! Mama took a snooze too! We got up before the sun rose with your noises big boy and then it was hard to drift back off to dream land. Mama and daddy took care of you and then we all got up. So that meant, I got up early too! I did the work out with mama and snoozed, and then watched her eat breakfast after mine, and then I supervised the getting both of you from your sleep chambers.

I give the best kisses in the early morning. So I slurped you both and we had some kid play time and breakfast! I watched for the crumbles and licked them all up. Mama went somewhere called, the grocery store super early and we ran around and played with daddy. When mama got home we had a great run up and down the hallway, sniffed mama, and leapt around for a bit of time. I am plumb tuckered out with our morning shenanigans and routines.



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Watching for crumbs.

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