Three Hundred Seventy Eight Paws

Dear Small Humans,

Hello. It is day five of snow and icy lands, I’m over it. I told mama that I am moving back to California. I hear that she has a couple of friends that live there and I don’t think that any of them have doggies in their homes right now. I should fill the void nicely. I asked daddy if I could drive the car there and he said no. Then he tried starting the car but it didn’t work. So he exchanged some odd small box with metal plugs for the other car’s, wait the word was: battery! Ah ha! See, I do know useless human vocabulary!

Anyway, the batteries were exchanged, transferred and then plugged back in. Y’all went on an afternoon drive without me, sigh, but I had a nice quiet nap in it’s place. Who knew that naps were so peaceful when the house was empty? It’s a rare occasion for me to have such a nap. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, y’all are my pack doggies, but a little solo run time with dream land is always welcome.



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Yawning her way into Monday.

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