Three Hundred and Seventy Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

This year, I’m turning five. I’m not sure what that means, but I know this: it’s been a lot of living that I’ve done. I keep busy each day making sure that my human companions are safe, healthy, and happy. We all have many jobs in the house but one thing is for sure, I love being with you all the best, no matter what we do.

I help pick up the pieces when things fall apart. I also lend a paw when someone needs a bit of extra love. I do this with my lean in’s, my ear licks, and my walk by snuggles. Sometimes you might push my gestures to the side, but know this, they’re always made with love and strong affection for the best of intentions with you both, or should I say, all four of you. I’m so glad that you chose me and that we’re together. Life wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t a pack.



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Resting my head for a minute.

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