Three Hundred and Seventy Four Paws

Dear Snoozing Bro’s,

Howdy. I’m acting as momma’s foot warmer right now. I chose a specific spot on this extra large bed of hers and she still had the nerve to sit right down by me. I just don’t understand why she can’t choose another location right now. I needed some rest. It was a busy morning with momma getting up early with daddy, interrupting my last hour and a half of sleep. Then you two sweet boys came downstairs to me, and then we started our day. Now I’m here, laying on the bed, trying to nap, and she is tap-tap-tapping on this keyboard near my head. I snooze on to not let on that I’m awake and bothered. However, I would like the record to state that, I indeed, heard every word that she and I both said, and I am aware that we’re blogging.



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Between couches, it’s a big decision to commit to one.

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