Three Hundred Seventy Seven Paws

Dear Brothers,

Something remarkable happened this weekend: it snowed. Well first, it rained, freezing rain drops fell from the sky. Then as the rain ceased, it began to snow, snow, snow! We had quite a fun time romp around in it. I loved chasing and catching the flying snow balls. You thought I was absolutely hysterical LDB. I didn’t know I was so talented in the ways of snow catching. You taught me quite a lot about sprinkles, splatters, and splashes of snow. We romped around in the snow until my paws were sore and mama and daddy took care of them. I rested and then watched you build a snow person with daddy.

Our snow person was wearing one of those silly masks that you humans have been wearing. I think mama and daddy thought that was funny, I wasn’t so sure about that though. Who knew that snow could bring such big outings and occasions for us all? I missed the sunshine and it returned today. To say that we’ve been busy in the cold the last few days is an understatement. I need all the rest I can get! Speaking of which, I am snoozing now. Thanks for playing with me in our frozen backyard. Oh, and IRB, next time we have snow, maybe you’ll be a little bit more excited about it. I know that it seemed kind of strange and cold, I agreed with your sentiments.



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Picnic paws.

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