Three Hundred and Eighty Paws

Dear Brothers,

There is a blue shiny light sparkling above us. I’m thinking that it’s new because, I don’t remember it being there before. Daddy was pushing things into the ceiling for a while. We had to move the room’s perimeter objects as he went around the room.

IRB was busy in his play table and momma’s arms, and you helped move things around LDB. Y’all were so busy it exhausted me! So I just moved about and tried to find a comfortable spot to rest while the work was being done. Afterwards, I went outside so I wasn’t so sure what all the movement was about in the first place.  Now in the quiet stillness of, nap time, I am well aware of this sparkling light. It shines down on me and now I realize: there’s weird new things that happen with or without my knowledge. I guess you could say I was kind of aware of it, but then again, I’m distracted by all of the noise needs that happen, so much so that I often times forget about things. Case in point: these new, (I learned that they are called: LED), lights.



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Nap time on mama’s legs.

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