Seventy Paws

Dear Leo, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, won’t you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor?” I heard that song playing the other day when momma was clipping your paws. I like that song a lot. It’s soothing to my ears. Sometimes mama sings it for usContinue reading “Seventy Paws”

Sixty Nine Paws

Dear Leo,   Today you came home and smelled really funny like water, momma’s hands, and something like cleaning stuffs. You were trilling your lips and trying to get me to do it too. Momma called it, “Blowing bubbles,” and I think we need to get something straight baby. I don’t opt to go intoContinue reading “Sixty Nine Paws”

Sixty Eight Paws

Dear Leo, Today it was sunny, cold, and clear out. We had a big investigation time in our back yard. I love to follow you around, get the sniffs in, and check everything out for you. Sometimes we find something super exciting like a slug, spider web, spider, buried treasure, or something dirty you say,Continue reading “Sixty Eight Paws”

Sixty Seven Paws

Dear LDB, Today you came back from a solo adventure with the mama. You smelled funny. You smelled like a bath and something else. I was quite concerned about the backs of your ears smelling correct, so I took some time to give you kisses there and make sure you smelled like my baby afterContinue reading “Sixty Seven Paws”

Sixty Six Paws

Dear Leo, Today is a rather gray and foggy day. I think this was the first time you’ve been in foggy weather and realized what it is. Well, one thing is for sure when it’s foggy, not a lot of other doggies go out for walks with their babies. We went on a walk togetherContinue reading “Sixty Six Paws”

Sixty Five Paws

Dear Leo, Today you and momma were quite busy doing things in the dirt outside. It reminded me of the summer time when you would dig, dig, dig in the ground with the thing momma calls a trowel. You helped put dirt from the giant bag into the pots, there were a lot of pots.Continue reading “Sixty Five Paws”

Sixty Four Paws

Dear Leo, Today we took our walk later in the morning, but guess what I loved about that? It was SUPER SUNNY! I felt like I was in California for a moment and even panted a little bit. Best. Feeling. Ever! I miss the sunshine when it rains here in the P.N.W. Momma says that’sContinue reading “Sixty Four Paws”

Sixty Three Paws

Dear Leo, It was a sunny, windy, and cold start to our day. I loved running around in the backyard with you. You saw frost on your slide today and wondered what it was. You kept poking it with your finger and saying, Mamma!” We all investigated it, momma talked about the temperature, but allContinue reading “Sixty Three Paws”

Sixty Paws

Dear Leo, Sometimes you play this game that momma calls, “keep-a-way.” You go and take one of the stuffies that I’m playing with, bring it to momma, and tell her something in your language that means, “hold this momma so Kimmy can’t have it,” and then you walk away. So I do what comes naturalContinue reading “Sixty Paws”

Fifty nine paws

Dear LDB, The sun has returned. We romped around the backyard for a while this morning and then we played inside for a bit. You went on an adventure with momma and I found a good spot in the sunshine and took a nap. Sometimes I just like dreaming about my humans, and then youContinue reading “Fifty nine paws”