Sixty Five Paws

Dear Leo,

Today you and momma were quite busy doing things in the dirt outside. It reminded me of the summer time when you would dig, dig, dig in the ground with the thing momma calls a trowel. You helped put dirt from the giant bag into the pots, there were a lot of pots. There were so many and you guys filled them with dirt and these tiny plants that you had to go get more of, from the side of the house where we’re not supposed to play by ourselves.

You loved being the helper baby. You walked the pots to the porch, I sniffed them, and then I checked the dirt as you put it into the pot. We’re hoping that the na-ni-na’s don’t dig up the plants, but you never know. Squirrels are quite a nuisance in our neck of the woods. I like to run out unexpectedly to try and startle them and then they race around our fence, aka the highway for squirrels. You love to laugh, point, and giggle at me when I do this. It’s a favorite past time for all of us. Sometimes I like to try to make you laugh and so I start to race around the yard over and over again. I’m pretty good at racing around you, but every now and then I’ll slightly bump you with my bum and you have to regain your balance. Momma and dada are always there to help you though. I love you lil guy. Let’s have more fun after naps! xo, Kimmy

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Sweet dreams, sweet puppy.

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