Sixty Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

Today it was sunny, cold, and clear out. We had a big investigation time in our back yard. I love to follow you around, get the sniffs in, and check everything out for you. Sometimes we find something super exciting like a slug, spider web, spider, buried treasure, or something dirty you say, “Eww,” about and then giggle while brushing your hands off on one another.

My favorite is when we run around the yard and pretend we’re trucks and go really fast! I like to feel the breeze in my ears and so they fly out straight across the sky and momma and dada call it, “Bat dog ears!” Sometimes we stop and check out something you find along the edge of our yard, but mostly we poke around and look for things we can see. I love you buddy. Thank you for showing and teaching me things. 



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Curled up is my favorite position.

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