Sixty Four Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we took our walk later in the morning, but guess what I loved about that? It was SUPER SUNNY! I felt like I was in California for a moment and even panted a little bit. Best. Feeling. Ever! I miss the sunshine when it rains here in the P.N.W. Momma says that’s what makes it so beautiful and green, but I like the sun better than the rain. There’s nothing sunshine-y about it when it’s liquid people! Humans can’t always be trusted, especially when it comes to weather. Often times they have ulterior motives little one. Remember that.

The big humans know things they don’t always share. Like last night, you and I had a babysitter with the Auntie. We love our Auntie, but, we were not warned, excuse me, I was not warned that I would have to babysit a new human in the house. If I had been warned, I might have asked them to send over my cousin Daisy so that we could play while we babysat the humans. Humph. I pouted for a few moments, and then jumped around with excitement because I love Auntie a lot. Ok, I need to nap fully now, momma is interrupting me with her typing. I love you baby. 



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Puppy love.

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