Sixty Seven Paws

Dear LDB,

Today you came back from a solo adventure with the mama. You smelled funny. You smelled like a bath and something else. I was quite concerned about the backs of your ears smelling correct, so I took some time to give you kisses there and make sure you smelled like my baby after I cleaned you right up.

We shared some banana too, well, honestly mama gave me some banana bites while you were searching the peek-a-boo window for the garbage trucks. We saw the garbage trucks earlier this morning, so I’m not sure why you were searching again, but you know, as the humans say, “No harm, no fowl.” I like to look out the window too, and besides which, I got some ‘nana while you were busy so it worked out quite well for this doggy! I hope you’re enjoying our dream as much as me, I was getting some smells and running for a moment, and now I’ve settled into the dream land with you. I love you baby,



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“What do you wanna do Kimmy?”

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