Sixty Three Paws

Dear Leo,

It was a sunny, windy, and cold start to our day. I loved running around in the backyard with you. You saw frost on your slide today and wondered what it was. You kept poking it with your finger and saying, Mamma!” We all investigated it, momma talked about the temperature, but all I know is that it was COLD and I was ready to go inside and be warm.

There are so many details to things that humans explain, and I don’t always want to wait and listen, I like to, “do,” instead. So, “do,” we did! I took us all on a walk. We walked past the kids in the 5th grade class that practice their two wheel skills and block my path. Momma said hi to one of them because she knew them from her school. A lot of the kids said that I was really cute, I liked that. My ears were especially expressive during our walk because it was windy so they fly up into the air and momma and dada call it, “Bat dog ears!” I’m not really sure what a bat is, but I know that it is something silly because then they always laugh. Humans, they crack themselves up!

I love you baby, 


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Tending to the garden of pots.

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