Sixty Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Today is a rather gray and foggy day. I think this was the first time you’ve been in foggy weather and realized what it is. Well, one thing is for sure when it’s foggy, not a lot of other doggies go out for walks with their babies. We went on a walk together though. I love our morning walk times together. You point out which way we should go, I check for smell currents, and we all talk about the birds, cats, and squirrels that run by us. Sometimes we stop and momma takes pictures of the nature things. Like today, we took a picture of this drippy spider web. You and momma were quite happy about that web, I didn’t understand what was so exciting about it though because there were definite dog remains and smells down below the web. I guess that is what makes for a great time, because I can smell down south and you do all the pointing up north. A perfect combo! 

You went to the place with all the books and bubbles this morning. You came back and told me all about the adventures that you had. I loved hearing about your friends, the story book, and smelling your head for the bubble remains. Keep learning baby, you share with me and I appreciate the knowledge. I love you!


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“Onward Kim-Kim!”

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