Sixty Paws

Dear Leo,

Sometimes you play this game that momma calls, “keep-a-way.” You go and take one of the stuffies that I’m playing with, bring it to momma, and tell her something in your language that means, “hold this momma so Kimmy can’t have it,” and then you walk away. So I do what comes natural and I go get the toy back! We played that for a while this morning. Back and forth went the elephants, back and forth I went to retrieve them. I like to chew on them because they smell like me now, nice and doggy-like.

There’s nothing quite like a good chew to make you feel better about things in life. So often I’m told, “Kimmy no, or please move Kimmy, or not right now Kimmy,” so occasionally I take the power back kid, and I chew on the stuffed animal even if you don’t want me to! So there. I still love you, even when I get doggy frustrated. That’s why I chew on the stuffy. It helps. You should try it sometime, or better yet, don’t, because then I’ll have to fight you for something to chew on. Ok, this is just getting silly, I’m going back to my nap. Finish up the typing for me momma. See you soon buddy!

xoxo, Kimmy-Kim

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

“Shhh mama, nap time!”

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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