Two Hundred and Seventy Six Paws

Dear Tiny Humans, Guess what day it is? Well, to be honest, I’m a little unsure about the answer, but I do know that we’re altogether and spent a large chunk of our morning time on a walk, so I know that it’s a day when daddy doesn’t have to sit in his office roomContinue reading “Two Hundred and Seventy Six Paws”

Two Hundred and Seventy Five Paws

Dear Mama, Hi! It’s Kimmy dog. I’m writing this letter, unbeknownst to you. I thought it would make for a nice surprise. You’re always working so hard to take care of us puppy dogs and I wanted to let you know that I see it all. One of the reasons why I follow you aroundContinue reading “Two Hundred and Seventy Five Paws”

Two Hundred and Sixty Seven Paws

Dear Tiny Humans, Let’s play the “glad” game. Mama plays this with you Leo when you feel the, “Grouchies,” coming on. I am not too sure what those particular feelings are, I don’t normally have them, but I have heard about them. I like this game because I feel so grateful afterwards, here I go:Continue reading “Two Hundred and Sixty Seven Paws”

Two Hundred and Sixty Paws

Dear Irving, Guess what? I’m not sure what, but I sure know that I love you! You’re three and a half months old. That’s like forever in baby time! You’re able to grab at things now and focus on things super close to your face. You’re super interested in your sloth lovey and Gerald GiraffeContinue reading “Two Hundred and Sixty Paws”

Two Hundred and Fifty Seven Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hi, brother here writing to you. I wanted to let you know that I am working hard on a new skill for humans which is called, “Potty training,” it means that you train the potty to catch your pee and poops. You seemed extra interested in my potty chair, and my body thisContinue reading “Two Hundred and Fifty Seven Paws”

Two Hundred and Fifty Two Paws

Dear Brothers, Ah the beach! The wondrous and mighty roar of the ocean, did you hear it? Did you smell it? I sure did. The moment our car exited the highway I could smell the sea air through the window. There is something so freeing to me about that smell. It’s as if it rushesContinue reading “Two Hundred and Fifty Two Paws”

Two Hundred and Fifty Paws

Dear Brothers, Yesterday morning was a rough one for me. I wasn’t by your side during the pre-walk and walk to the beach. I sulked on the floor for quite some time. I forgot what I was sulking about for a little while, and then, finally, you all came back smelling like the salt, water,Continue reading “Two Hundred and Fifty Paws”

Two Hundred and Forty Eight Paws

Dear Leo, Hi there lil’ dude. Did you know that the expression, “lil’ dude,” is what we have been referring to you by for the last two and a half years? Well, actually now that I use my doggy calculations, we’ve been using that phrase for longer than that! When you were a tiny beanContinue reading “Two Hundred and Forty Eight Paws”

Two Hundred and Forty Paws

Dear Irving, Hi there little one. Today I really rallied for you buddy. You were making all sorts of sounds and had lots to say during your later morning sleep session. So this is what I did: I went over to momma and I booped her. Then I walked to her side and I toldContinue reading “Two Hundred and Forty Paws”

Two Hundred and Thirty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers, Ok little guys, let’s have a chat. I would like to clarify the napping hours. When we lay down for a nap, this is serious sleep time business. I don’t want to hear any of this shouting, hollering, or crying. We’re all safe. We’re all sound. We’re all tired. Did I make myselfContinue reading “Two Hundred and Thirty Seven Paws”