Two Hundred and Sixty Seven Paws

Dear Tiny Humans,

Let’s play the “glad” game. Mama plays this with you Leo when you feel the, “Grouchies,” coming on. I am not too sure what those particular feelings are, I don’t normally have them, but I have heard about them. I like this game because I feel so grateful afterwards, here I go:

  1. I am glad we are a family.
  2. I am glad that you play with me and run outside.
  3. I am glad that we have a home.
  4. I am glad I can eat peanut butter.
  5. I am glad that I can eat bananas.
  6. I am glad I have my paws to curl up underneath me.
  7. I am glad that mama and dada pet me and give me cuddles
  8. I am glad for baby toes to lick
  9. I am glad that you share water from your bath LDB.
  10. I am glad there is a you.



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Tiny blessings and paws.

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