Two Hundred and Forty Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi there lil’ dude. Did you know that the expression, “lil’ dude,” is what we have been referring to you by for the last two and a half years? Well, actually now that I use my doggy calculations, we’ve been using that phrase for longer than that! When you were a tiny bean in mommy’s belly, that was what the big humans called you. I knew you were growing before momma did, so technically that gives me doggy dibs on you being my puppy first. Well, hmmm, does it? Never the less, your special name has stuck for quite some time.

Your brother’s special name on the other hand, was given by you! You have been calling him, “baby I,” for the last nine months. He’ll be three months old during the next paw month and I can hardly believe it. Again, I knew he was growing before anyone else. I have a special sniffer and it can whiff out information in a moment’s notice if I let it. That’s why I sniff before I look, before I step, or sit for that matter. As I have told you before, sniffing is a crucial part of a dog’s way of life. You’re still working on your sniffer. I have seen you utilizing it to the best of your paw and human capabilities.

For example, you sniff all the flowers, the rocks, and the air. That’s a good start brother, but watch my lead when we go to the beach today. It’s essential that you reach for the smell currents up in the air. That’s why I point my nose up, lean into the scents and go, go, go! There are so many that hit you all at once, it’s almost overwhelming. But, as you know quite well, I keep my wits about me because, I’m in charge. 



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Nursing pals.

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